Attacking Solid Tumors with Novel TCR-T Cell Therapies

Targeting Hotspot Mutations

Hotspot mutations are ideal targets for defeating cancer

Sleeping Beauty Technology

Non-viral transposition technology has favorable safety profile

Rapid, flexible & cost-effective manufacturing

hunTR® Platform (human neoantigen T cell Receptor)

Robust discovery engine enables expansion of TCR Library

Alaunos is a clinical stage cellular immuno-oncology company dedicated to the treatment of solid tumors through adoptive TCR-T cell therapy. With our robust and innovative discovery engine, we strike cancer at its core by engineering cell therapies that target Neoantigens (neoAg) arising from genomic mutations. We have developed proprietary, rapid, cost-effective solutions to deliver tumor-specific killer T cells to large cancer patient populations with unmet clinical need.

Alaunos is at the forefront of TCR therapeutics.

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